Bhajan Mala


Any reference to Sri Swamiji's Music will be incomplete without reference to His Bhajans (devotional hymns). Traditionally, devotional singing has been central to Indian Spiritual Philosophy. Sri Swamiji has composed and set to tune around 10,000 devotional hymns with the highest of literary values. His Bhajan texts and music have been research topics for scholars across the world. The different literary styles of Swrakshara Kritis (where the musical notes are used as syllables and meaningful words of a composition), Tora Bandha Kritis (where the number of syllables will increase to a set number and go back to the beginning), Chutukes (very small couplets with a deep meaning), Mani Pravala Keertanas, Vajra Bandha Kritis, Beejakshara Kritis - all found place in His compositions.

There are countless examples, where simply listening to His Bhajans, has produced life-changing and everlasting effect on the lives of devotees, bringing in them miraculous personality transformation influences: and this has happened not to any one particular section of people but to people all over the world - German, French, English, Indian, Dutch, Swiss, African, Asian, Americans, West Indian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Danish - to name a few.

Whether He sings Bhajans, or plays Music for Meditation and Healing on the synthesizer, the sound vibrations released are charged with positive energy and carry the listener to a transcendental orbit of consciousness where he/she experiences everlasting peace