Chakra and Music

Human body exists in two levels: The gross material level and the subtle, non-material level. Chakras are the energy centers from where nadis (nerves) converge and emerge. The nadi transport system belongs to the subtle body and the chakras are connected to the main nadi of this system, the sushumna nadi, which operates within the vertebral (spinal) column.

Chakras are active at all times, whether we are conscious of them or not. Each Chakra has a basic elemental state and different psychic states. These chakras are constantly vibrating with the movement of prana (life energy) inside the body and influencing one's health and temperament. These changes are understood by neurobiologists as chemical changes produced by the endocrine glands whose secretions mix into the body's blood stream directly and instantaneously and the electrochemical changes brought about by the nervous system at various levels.

For a Human body to work properly all of these nadis (pranic nervous system) should be working correctly. Of the 72,000 nadis in our body, 14 are considered most important. These important nadis give strength and vitality to various organs of our body and maintain their efficient functioning. If the organs are not functioning well, it means that there is some disorder in the pranic nervous system.

Explaining the therapeutic merit of some of his compositions, Sri Swamiji describes how various Ragas effecting different Chakras build resistance against innumerable illnesses. For instance, one musical composition with its particular vibrational quality will act upon the Chakra which is affected by Asthma, relieving its symptoms. Another Raga focuses on resistance to cold and diabetes. Another composition will act upon the heart chakra relieving the heart maladies and so on.

The whole of the human body can be considered as a mass of energy particles vibrating at certain frequencies, and illnesses are primarily caused by internal blockages in energy movement or due to inappropriate vibrating frequencies (increased or decreased frequencies). Sri Swamiji evokes sounds ranging from strings to santoor, to bells and our Nadis are bathed in the forces of Ragas especially selected by Him for a particular audience or day, and thus help rectifying the frequencies of different energy centers and hence help the free flow of energy in the body removing the blockages.

Here is the chart of 7 energy centers with the vibrating frequencies:

1.  Muladhara Chakra

The base of the spine and the element earth
600 nadis emanate from it
It vibrates 600 times in the course of one breath

2.  Swadishtana Chakra

The genitals and the element water
600 nadis converge into this chakra
It vibrates 600 times in the course of one breath

3.  Manipura Chakra

The navel and the element fire
600 nadis are joined to this chakra
It vibrates 600 times in the course of one breath

4.  Anahata Chakra

The heart and the element air
600 nadis are joined to this chakra
It vibrates 600 times in the course of one breath

5.  Visshuddha Chakra

The throat and the element space
1000 nadis converge here including the ida, pingala and sushumna nadis
It vibrates 1000 times in the course of one breath

6.  Ajna Chakra

The point between the eye brows and the combination of the essence of all the elements in their purest form
All 72,000 nadis converge here
It vibrates 72,000 times in the course of a single breath

7.  Sahasrara Chakra

The crown of the head and transcending all elemental influences
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