Sri Swamiji's music is multi-faceted. In concerts Sri Swamiji plays His own compositions on the synthesizer and is accompanied by musicians playing classical Indian instruments. Healing and meditation music is in essence music therapy and an essential part of Sri Swamiji's mission to bring peace to the world. His music is very unique, as He follows the ancient concept of using pure sounds -Nada, and ancient Medicinal melodies. Sri Swamiji's music is also devotional and is used as a vehicle for spiritual energy transmission.
Sri Swamiji in his music, views the body as a mass of energy particles and classifies all physical ailments into two main types: 1) Illness caused by internal factors such as energy blockages or loss caused by inappropriate vibrating frequencies 2) Illness caused by external factors such as germs, virus and bacteria Illnesses caused by internal factors can be cured by removing the conditions or the source of illness. In this case, the only really effective method is the use of energy.
The spiritual body is an energy field, enveloping both the psychological and physical bodies. It can either close out energy, or attract it and let in energy. When it closes out vitalizing energy, it is dull and ugly in color. It reduces the body to a closed system -a state of energy equilibrium, which eventually leads to psychological and physical degeneration. In addition, a dull spiritual body provokes only negative and aggressive reactions from others, attracting everything negative. As a result, it loses confidence and becomes weaker, speeding up its loss of vital energy.