Healing Music

The power of Nada(sound) vibrations connects all things and all beings in the universe on all planes of existence. The human body has 72,000 astral nerves (nadis) which incessantly vibrate in a specific rhythmic pattern. Disturbance in their rhythmic pattern is the root cause of disease. Application of proper musical notes as an antidote restores the normal frequency of the nerve, thereby bringing about good health
______Sri Swamiji
Music Healing or Nada Chikitsa is an ancient and age-old tradition known as Raga Ragini Vidya. How many of us are aware that the musical notes have a gender, how informed are we that each zodiac sign has a positively impacting musical composition, how much do we know that each color, plant and planet has an associated Raga (musical note)? Raga Ragini describes all these about music and it was revealed by Sri Swamiji after a deep contemplation, practice and research for over three decades. This concept is treated in a greater detail in the compendium published by His Holiness, called Raga Ragini Nada Yogamu, which is a research text for many music scholars across the globe.
My way of rendering music and treatment of ragas in general is not outside the frame of orthodox tradition. Swara Shuddhi (Purity of Notes) is held in great veneration and is considered as a standard of musical truth. Melody (Raga) is the result of Swara Shuddhi; there is pure energy in such a melody
______Sri Swamiji
Sri Swamiji's music is more scientific than religious and uses fundamental principles of physics. Identification of Indian Classical Ragas (Carnatic) and their consonance with the elements of the nature (pancha bhutas) helps Swamiji trace the concept related to "Music for Healing and Meditation".