Central idea of music healing is to activate the true inner core within one's self and to draw it out with one's life-breath - "praana", offering it in an expression of sound. It is this expression, which helps to "cure" from within and balance the life energy

Music is a universal language. Sri Swamiji's music is not limited to any particular culture, time, place, people or genre.

Sri Swamiji has related specific ragas (classical melodies) with healing of specific body organs based on His research. The science of this lies in the vibration frequencies of the nerves and nerve centers related to these organs. The body has a number of energy centers, called "chakras", each of these has its own natural element basis, such as earth, fire, water. Each raga produces vibrations appropriate to that specific element and a set of related body organs. Sri Swamiji has worked out the relationships of particular ragas and how they can be employed to balance the potentially sick vibrations.

One can try healing music by answering a few basic questions about oneself to give the parameters related to choose the right melody for one's wellness. Healing music is not necessarily for a sick person but is for everyone to maintain and better the wellness. Focus and concentrated listening is the most important factor when listening for wellness. Give your details and try an appropriate Raga for you :

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Listen Zodiac Music

Listen to amazing and soothing music(ragas) dedicated for each zodiac sign. Listening to music elevates the level of consciousness of the listeners, helping them to experience inner peace and harmony. This music is outcome of more than 25 years of research by Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji.

Listening to your healing music board on your zodiac sign.

Instructions for listening
  • 1. Sit comfortably or lie down with closed eyes.
  • 2. Avoid external disturbances during the course of listening.
  • 3. Simply allow the musical energy to flow.
  • 4. Do not intellectualize about the process.
  • 5. Use good quality headphones or speakers if possible.
  • Happy Listening !!