Sri Swamiji from God Word III:

"In today's world, no nation can be totally independent of the other. Culture and attitudes of different countries will affect every other country. There is no country or group of people, which is not affected by this. In this era of mixed culture and thinking, it is Lord Dattatreya who can extend helping hand to us. Today's man, with the help of the so called scientific advancement, has polluted the earth, the sea and the space. Not only that, he has also polluted the inner environment of man by befouling behavior, speech and mind. This six-fold pollution has pushed mankind to the brim of annihilation. In such a dangerous situation, it is only Datta, the Lord with six arms, who can save us from the catastrophic end."

_____________Sri Swamji
Yoga Sangeeta is the new age link between the creation and music, the divine. The essence of Yoga Sangeeta easily elevates one from a human being to being human. Yoga Sangeeta strives to promote the therapeutic and meditative aspects of music. It also works on making such music available to all the listeners. In an attempt to modernize the reach and to give the first hand experience of the meditative music to each visitor, Yoga Sangeeta created a platform to listen to a piece of music identifiable to the visitor by his/her birth attributes.

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Central idea of music healing is to activate the true inner core within one's self

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Mind is the wave emerging from the subtle transformation of bio-magnetism

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Eternally, Nada, associated with the primordial sound, OM, has been the goal

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Sri Swamiji's music has helped many a patient, listener, seeker, devotee

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